Hey Road Trippers!

I’m Emily and I want to introduce myself and the amazing team that put the Beyond Kindness Tour together. They all have a heart for Kindness and Loving on Purpose to make our world a better place.  Working with these ladies on a weekly  basis for months has inspired me to dream and accomplish more than I thought possible!

They are the Wind Beneath My Wings. Cheesy? Yes. True? Absolutely!

Becky Butterfield

Becky and her husband, JC live in Colorado Springs and have been married 41 years. They have two sons, Cameron and Jordan, each married to amazing women. Becky loves culture—agriculture and horticulture that is!  She also enjoys hiking, gardening, and going to coffee with friends. She’s been blessed to use her gifts to come alongside those in need, friends and new-friends alike. Becky uses her gift of encouragement to all of us on the team, especially me.  When I’ve felt stymied and mired in doubt, Becky offers just the right words to pick me back and set me on a good path! Becky’s thoughtfulness and intentional love makes her treasured on this team!

Sharon Hensley

By day she is a mild-mannered Educational Therapist specializing in coaching moms who home school and people who need help with organizational skills.  By night she is a fanatic Giants fan. She lives in Hume, CA at Hume Lake Christian Camp with her husband, Terry, and daughter, Alison, who is developmentally disabled. Her other daughter, Laura  and husband, Chris, just adopted three girls making Sharon an instant grandmother! (Which she’ll be great at!)  Her only son, Logan, is marrying this fall. Sharon has been invaluable to me in keeping me on track and calming me down when I’m about to go berserk. She has the special ability to be direct yet gentle. She is the steady voice of reason on our team!

Debbie Merritt

She loves fall!  She’s live in Minnesota and beautiful sunny days highlight the colors of the trees. It just makes her smile. Fall is also the time to get sewing Halloween costumes for her grandchildren. This year grandchild, Logan, wants to be “Hiccup” from How to Train Your Dragon”.  Yes, she had to look that up, but no costume is too challenging for her creative mind! She has seven grandkids now so sewing keeps her busy. She is following the Beyond Kindness Tour with them and teaching them to be intentionally kind. Debbie is also most giving and kind to her friends, often gifting them with touches of her handmade designs.  I have been the recipient of her thoughtfulness many times over! Debbie adds humor, practicality and discernment to our team which is so valuable!

Joanne Molan

She is the definition of Adventure! She has traveled to over 40 countries and is now crisscrossing the United States spreading kindness on our Beyond Kindness Tour. She leaves behind two grandchildren that she is Far Mor to and can’t wait to spend time with them again in December. She is passionate and compassionate and that makes her the perfect Kindness Ambassador.  Her heart and drive have kept us moving forward as she planned the Great 48 State Tour she and her husband, Jack are on. Joanne exudes the perfect balance of humility and confidence with no pretense. We all have loved working with her on this tour!

Emily Nelson 

I live in the San Francisco Bay Area with my husband, Gregg, where I’ve raised 3 boys and even gotten one of them married!  I love to cook and am the Queen of Substitutions. Gardening is fun and I’m amazed  that I can grow food we eat. All games entice me whether its a boardgames or pickle ball. I love to create, write and blog at BeyondtheRedChair.com but what fills me most is working in a team. I love the nurturing, bantering and friendship that is being built as we see our visions come to life!

Angela Bouma

Angela is the behind the scenes gal keeping all of our travels and missions coming to you, our loyal Road Trippers. She created our website and makes sure updates get to you in a timely manner. Besides running her at-home web and graphic design business, she is a mom to three kids and has been married to her best friend Dean for 16 years. She fell in love with the Beyond Kindess Tour when she first heard about it and her only requirement is that she gets to go on the next road trip! Angela’s patience and cheerful attitude is cherished on our team as she takes vision and turns it into beautiful web reality!