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The Beyond Kindness Love on Purpose Tour…

No Car Required!

Who wants to be more kind? Yes please! I see that hand! Then hop onboard the Beyond Kindness Tour which will not only help you become a kinder person but will help change your world!

Beyond Kindness is less like a one-and-done deed and more like a heart and mind transformation.

We believe…

Kindness must be cultivated

  • Practicing daily, purposeful moments of  kindness
  • Planning ongoing kindnesses for friends, strangers, even enemies 
  • Learning to bless with our Words, Time, Money, Presence and Possessions

Kindness has the power

  • To mend brokenness and strife!
  • To bring joy into your life!
  • To make the world a better place!

     Grab your family, friends, co-workers, classmates, neighbors and be a part of the world changing Beyond Kindness Tour!


You can get on board any time!

Sign up to follow the tour and get:

1. A Kindness Focus each week with free downloadable prompts

2. Inspirational and encouraging words so you won’t run out of gas!

3. A place to share your stories and pictures of your own kindness tour! We can’t wait to see the view from your part of the   world!

4. Everyone who joins will be eligible to win $500 donation to their favorite 501.3(c) charity!

  • Five other $100 donations will also be given! (Wow! That’s so kind!)    
  • Winners will also recieve a FREE copy of Jack Molan’s Alaskan Adventure book, You Can’t Make This Stuff Up!

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